How we work

We identify problems through a clear workflow and methodology. We take them into the Civic Lab, our digital solutions generator where a team of researchers, UX specialists and experts in various fields build functional prototypes for future civic apps. Once this process is over, these solutions are ready for development so they end up here, in the Tech for Social Good program. This is where the magic happens.
You’re a developer so you know that magic in technology needs skills, time and consistency. You can’t build the best, most awesome app overnight. But there’s strength in numbers and if we all work together we can work towards fixing society’s problems. For us. For your city. For Romania.
We will meet every month to work together as part of our Monthly Hack Days, in Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj and Iași. It’s easy to remember: the events take place simultaneously in all four cities as well as online via Google Meet & Slack on the last Saturday of each month.

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